E-Mail Settings

Here is a handy reference for setting your E-mail parameters:

Incoming Mail Server: IMAP (preferred), or POP3

  • Incoming Mail Server: <tt>mail.idealworld.net</tt>
  • Username: Your E-mail address, i.e. <tt>account@idealworld.net</tt>
  • Password: Your E-mail password.
  • SSL: Yes (recommended) or No.  If you select Yes, then you will get one or more notices about an invalid certificate.  This is because the mail server’s certificate is self-signed.  The traffic is still encrypted, but software cannot guarantee the identify of the server because it is not signed by one of the big signing companies.  If you select no, then your traffic to the mail server is not encrypted and anyone with access to the networks your traffic traverses may be able to see the contents of your messages.
  • Port: 993 (IMAP + SSL – preferred), 995 (POP + SSL), 143 (IMAP without SSL), 110 (POP without SSL)

Outgoing Mail Server: [START]TLS (preferred)

  • Outgoing Mail Server: <tt>mail.idealworld.net</tt>
  • Username: same as the incoming username, your E-mail address.
  • Password: same as the incoming password.
  • TLS: Yes (preferred) – again, if you turn on TLS, you will get a notice about an invalid certificate.  If TLS is not on, then your traffic with the mail server will not be encrypted.
  • Port: 587  The default is usually 25, but most ISPs block port 25 now.

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